Obama Makes a Promise Sketch

Obama I promise sketch

Like sketches? I drew this little Obama sketch while watching / listening to the President’s State of the Union Speech.

One thing he was right about, as a Nation, we are a little jaded with politicians.

As a satirist it’s our job to use humor and exaggeration to bring to light things that are otherwise buried unless you’re a Poly-sci graduate or working in Washington. Anyway, you can pretty much swap out Obama and put any politician’s face in this one. Hardly my fault! :)

So this is a super-quickie, hardly deserving an entire day by itself. I’ll post another. And by the way, I support good government when I see it. I really hope President Obama can come through on his promises.

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Cartoon describing politicians in general, and their inability to come through on promises.

Inspiration: President Obama's State of the Union Speech and his Promises of reform

Media: Sketch on paper, scanned, Photoshop

Time: 30 minutes

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