Helping Haiti Forclosure

foreclosure helping Haiti

“At Least We Helped Haiti”

I was listening to talk radio, and to a Woman caller who was in tears. She’d been recently forced to resort to welfare, her home of 20 years was taken away, and the life mirrored the strife of so many Americans.  But the icing on the cake, what broke her to tears in front of an audience, was the feelings of guilt she bore for not being able to send more money to survivors in Haiti.

So far, as a country, the U.S. has probably raised multiple millions of dollars from ordinary citizens to Haiti survivors. I heard this morning Quincy Jones may remake “We Are The World” from the 80’s for the occasion.

My question: Is there any chance we can hold a telethon for the poor and suffering people IN OUR OWN COUNTRY? Just a thought.

I’m trying not to be pessimistic, but at least it’s Friday.

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This black cloud hangs over many many Americans. The poor economy, refinancing your home and crazy adjustable interest rates have sent our lives into a tizzy. But Haitians have it worse.

Inspiration: Inspired by stories I hear relating to folks who still give to Haiti either through guilt, tv related pressure, or just enormous hearts. And things are still bad right here at home.

Time: 35 Minutes

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