Hot and Cold Office Battle over Climate Control

hot and cold office

Your co-worker is too hot while you are too cold? 68-72 Degrees Fahrenheit is the IDEAL office temperature for both comfort and productivity.

Does this scene look or feel familiar? Are you or your fellow office workers speaking trips to the community thermostat for ninja-like attempts at altering the climate to suit you? Yeah, most of us have been there (as we speak in fact). The truth of the matter is this: Temperature office Wars have been raging since the invention of radiators and central air.

It’s easy to understand that as people and individuals, our body temperatures and concepts of ideal temperature are different. And it seems near impossible to solve. The prevailing solution is to settle on colder; meaning, if you’re not comfortable with the 68 degrees, you can always put more clothes on ( sweaters, scarves, suit jackets, etc). It’s difficult to get any work done when your female coworkers are stripping down to their undergarments.

But women never would. Research tells us WOMEN are always feeling colder faster than MEN.

Here’s what 5 minutes of Leading theories turns up:
1.       Have a Higher ratio of surface volume to men. (Women shed heat faster because their skin has more surface area)
2.       Women shut off blood supply to their skin as ambient temperature falls. This is thought to be a preventative measure to keep warmth near their internal organs and (possibly) infants.
3.       Menstruation seems to have nothing to do with skin temperature.

1.       Have more muscle mass to generate heat with. We heat up simply sitting still. Ever sat in a man’s chair immediately after he just stood from it?
2.        Men have higher metabolism (This really means nothing)

cold female worker

hot male worker

So how do you fix the Degree Dilemma?

A.      Kiss up to the boss or he who controls the thermostat.

B.      Dress in layers

C.      Bring a personal Fan

D.      Get a new job

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You see a shared office desk by a man and a woman coworker. Each are feeling different temperatures and take step to be comfortable.

Inspiration: Inspired by current working conditions, so hot I wanna take a nap, women at the controls and co-worker wisdom

Media: Pen on paper , scanned.

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