Understanding Health Care Law

Understanding Healtcare Law

Understanding Health Care Reform Bill Law

As Congressmen and Women approach re-election, it appears the voting of the Obama Health Care Law may be a hot-button bargaining chip. So, for example, if your Congressman voted FOR the passing of the Health Care Bill into Law (and it is indeed now a Law) He or She can appear as though they voted the correct way. This will give them the issue they need to slam their opponents who may have voted against the Health Care Bill. But to REALLY muddy the issue is my opinion: Americans don’t really know how the new Health Care Reform Law affects them. On average, what does this mean to Ma and Pa Americana? What changes are in store for those who already had health insurance? What happens to the uninsured?

Seriously, how many average American citizens do you think have read a proposed 2,000 page Reform Bill? Are you nuts? I fell asleep ten minutes into my first attempt, and felt suicidal about 20 minutes through my second attempt.

More than that, some changes will happen immediately, while other changes won’t happen for up to four years from now. Obama won’t even be in office (possibly) when the last stages of this Reform law are enacted.

Anyway, I did find a nifty little website dedicated to breaking down the Health Care Reform Law of 2010 into manageable bites. I’m still trying to determine who wrote it and if an insurance company is behind it, but who cares… Here’s the link if you’re interested. http://healthcarereformlaw.info

Expect more cartoons illustrating my tiny frustrations about Health Care Reform Soon!

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A Senior Citizen with a cane is confronted by his Congressman and Women. They appear to be explaining a Law from the Health Care Reform Bill of 2010

Inspiration: Inspired by the Elderly, Health Care in America, and 2000 pages of mind-numbing law.

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