Future Avenger Rocketpack Hero

Future Avenger Bryant

Future Avenger Rocketpack Hero

Since it’s the weekend, I’m still in rough draft mode. Here’s a small (unfinished) portion of a large project I’m working on. For some reason I’m into the idea of strapping a rocket pack on my back and jetting around on  my way to a knock-down drag-out with a city-leveling monstrosity. (How’d you like all those hyphenations?)

This is a detail example of a Photoshop Painting.

Future Avenger Bryant detail

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An in-progress sample of a digital painting featuring a hero flying with a rocket pack. He's shooting a ray gun at an unfinished monster.

Inspiration: Rocket packs, Giant Monsters, and heroes with ray guns

Media: Photoshop simulating a painting technique

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