Las Vegas Strip Dark Earth Hour

Las Vegas Strip Earth Hour

Las Vegas Strip Went Dark During Earth Hour

You’ve probably heard about Earth Hour. It’s when major cities agree to unplug and shut down non-essential lighting and electricity. Las Vegas is world renown for the Las Vegas Strip Lights at night. But tonight from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, all non-essential Strip lights were turned off. I went out and shot these from the top of MGM Grand’s 6 story parking structure just off the Strip. I shot South, towards Luxor. You can see Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur, and the MGM Grand. In the second photo I labeled the hotels since they’re hard to see in the dark. Security jerks chased me off before I could show the same vantage point all lit up again, but you’ve seen millions of those shots.

Las Vegas Strip Earth Hour b

For any interested shutterbugs, here’s the details camera info:
Canon EOS 7D, f/3.5 19mm Lens
Shot at f/14, ISO 200, 65 Sec Shutter (Bulb manual)
Shutter release was IR remote, camera on tripod

Original File size 50MB, Large, 5184×3456 Pixels

Las Vegas Strip Earth Hour c

And here’s a detail from the same image, cropped to the Luxor Pyramid.

Las Vegas Strip Earth Hour d

And finally, the same camera position and setup, but added about another 30 seconds to the shutter speed. I was timing it with my wristwatch so it’s all just guessing.

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