Painting With Light Photography

Painting With Light_22

Painting With Light Photography

Late last night / this early morning, I couldn’t sleep (so what else is new?) so I grabbed the nearest DSLR, which in this case was my Canon 7D, and did some “painting with light experiments”.

Everyone has seen the painting with light, and as a kid I remember World Famous Picasso in a TV commercial where he drew in light.  If you’re NOT familiar with drawing with light, fear not good reader!!!! Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Get a dark room. (Not a photographer’s darkroom, just an unlit room , probably at night, where you can control stray light sources.

Step 2: Get your camera Ready. Every camera ever made (I think) has a “B” mode, dial or exposure setting. This stands for “bulb”. This means the shutter stays open as long as your finger is on the trigger. This will work great if your have a friend to help out by either pressing the button or drawing with light. If you’re going solo, try any of the 10second to 30 second built in exposure times. Those work fantastic also but there’s a little more guesswork as you’re always counting down in your head.

Step 3: Get a flashlight or two. One thing I have plenty of its flashlights. So I grabbed a few and began taping gels on them. If you’re not a photographer and dont’ have clear ‘gels’ handy, heres what also works: Grab the lid of your household dusting Pledge” aerosol spray can (usually a yellow cap) or your shaving cream cap or can of RAID (blue and purple respectively). Look around the house and under your sink. You[ll be amazed at the multitude of different colored lids you can cover your flashlight with!!! Instant Strobe "gel"

Step 4: Shoot. Turn on the lights and get yourself or have your friend get you in focus. Leave the camera where it is, do not HANDHOLD....Use a desk or tripod. Now you CAN DO IT HANDHELD, but the results are harder to predict. Either way you do it, expect the unexpected. Now click the shutter open. Here's where the painting with light comes in. You paint with light by using your flashlight(s) as paint brushes and the air in front of you as an invisible canvas.

By the way, the ghostly image of the guy, is Me. I shone the flashlight on my face for a couple seconds ( moving a bit as I did so) as to expose myself of film (hahaha).

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Photograph samples of artist Bryant Arnold painting on camera with "Light". His photo technique is explained for any photographer.

Inspiration: Inspired by lack of sleep, boredom, and a handy flashlight

Media: Canon Eos 7D 18 Megapixel Professional Digital Camera

Time: 10-30 Seconds each photo

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