Draw My Brains Out

Draw My Brains Out

Drawing My Brains Out

Well, I’ve finally and officially drawn my brains out. I’ve been drawing, painting/ cartooning, pohotographing at near constant speed lately and my Cartoon A Day 6 Month Anniversary is only next week.

I am fast approaching my 180 Mark. 180 is the exact number of days in a row I’ve either woken up early or gone to be late to deliver to you, my fans, a completely unique, thoughtful, and custom piece of free cartoon art. 180 Drawings is a drawing a day for 6 Months, half a year. Looking back, I KNEW I could do it handily, yet I keep pushing myself to increase the quality of the posts. I work a 9-5 Day job in an unrelated field so these toons are like another life. Sometimes I work on several simultaneously, giving each one of say, 8 illustrations about 30 minutes a day until they’re all done in a big artpile.

So anyhow, I’ve reached another mini-goal for myself and feel pretty good about it. I’m confident I can continue delivering fresh-baked cartoons to your front door every day, indefinitely. Just after I chase down my brain, again.

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Artist Bryant Arnold sits at his art table working, while his head mysteriously opens up and his brain jumps out. The brain has a few words to say.

Inspiration: Inspired by 180 Consecutive days of cartoons, my brain has had it.

Media: Black in and brush

Time: 30 Minutes

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