Cartoon Crowd of Sports Fans

Crowd of Cartoon Sports Fans

A Cartoon Crowd of Sports Fans

A little project I’ve been working on, here’s a big crowd of Sports Fans. I tried to cover most of the major sports. My only regret is I forgot curling!!! The original is about 3 Feet wide. I had to scan it in several passes and stitch it together in Photoshop. Enjoy.

And here’s the closeups!

Crowd of Cartoon Sports FansA

Cartoon Crowd of Sports Fans A

Crowd of Cartoon Sports FansB

Cartoon Crowd of Sports Fans B

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A large, funny crowd of every type of person, age, and sex watching and cheering for a sporting event. Many sports are combined.

Inspiration: Inspired by Summertime Baseball Games, large crowds, and funny cartoon people

Media: Pen on Paper, Watercolored and Scanned

Time: 8 Hours

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