Economy May Be In Decline

economy decline bail out

Okay okay…

I’m prepared to discuss the possibility that the economy may be in decline...

My favorite local Starbucks Coffe Shop closed this week. After existing in operation for almost 10 years at that location, they closed because their lease was up and the property landlord demanded (not a discount because of the crappy economy) BUT A RENT INCREASE, BECAUSE he was hurting due to the crappy economy.

Now the landlord of the shopping mall has lost possibly one of the most stable retail outlets in current existence. It’s my opinion this was a huge mistake. I frequented that Starbucks almost daily and I recognize patrons who also made that stop a part of their day. Not to mention the traffic such a well-known and well-operated franchise brings to the community and indeed the shopping mall. I felt rare and uneasy feelings of sadness and loss of something as dumb and trivial as Starbucks.

But for me it was more. Beyond good coffee, it was a place where you could enjoy a steaming cup of Joe in the morning before work, doodle on your paper or laptop, and either be happily and completely ignored, or engage in civilization on a person to person level. Either way, it was cathartic, relaxing and routine. Now my routine includes another 10 minutes, one way, drive time to the nearest Starbucks in hope of recapturing and reclaiming my established rhythm.

And now that I’ve whined on and on about a coffee shop closing, please try to enjoy the cartoon illustrating my angst.

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Two men on streetcorner begin to understand the declining economy. A Cartoon president Obama nearby holds a WILL WORK FOR BAILOUT sign.

Inspiration: Inspired by the failing, declining economy, a Wall Street Banker I know,the closing of my favorite Starbucks, and more than I care to get into.

Media: Pen and Ink at Starbucks

Time: 30 Minutes

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