Obama’s Retirement Economy Cartoon


Obama’s Retirement Economy Cartoon

Quite often I sit around at the local coffee shop looking for inspiration, and listening. Lately I hear the retiree roundtable talking about their ried-up nest eggs. Have a listen:

“Man, I can’t wait for retirement!”

“My 401k is wiped out!”

“WHAT social security?”

“25 Years worth of Pension wiped out!”

“We lost our home!”

“I sold a KIDNEY!”

“Savings? Now I need a Job!”

“I Sold BOTH Kidneys!”

“My CHILDREN pay for my Healthcare!”

“My GRANDCHILDREN bought this wheelchair!”

Obama’s Retirement Economy Cartoon (Enlarged1)


Obama’s Retirement Economy Cartoon (Enlarged2)retirement-economy-cartoon3

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Inspiration: Daily editorial cartoon featuring the collapse of Obama's retirement population economy. Retirees have no nest egg.

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