Baby Slings Recalled

baby slings recalled

Baby Slings Recalled

Well, not ‘Sling SHOTS’ , but that’s where my demented mind went when I read this story in USA Today about life threatening baby slings. Who invented these things anyway?/ They came after my time as a child and when they first appeared it seemed only Hippy-type Moms were into slinging their babies on their abdomen like a kangaroo. Now everyone (including Dudes) use them to cart the kid around like a front-facing backback.

Anyway, here’s the full story…

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A confused baby sits anxiously in the pocket of a fully stretched slingshot, ready to fire. Question marks appear over his head.

Inspiration: Inspired by daily News, Baby Slings, Baby Slingshots and unfortunate deaths of infant children.

Media: Pen and Pencil.

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