Census Takers Encounter Hostility

Census Taker at door

2010 U.S. Census Taker Encounters Door to Door Hostility

That’s my imaginary headline. As far as I know, nothing has happened yet to those unlucky public officials and volunteers who have to peddle the Census door to door. I can only imagine the hassles they see when arriving to a home who suspect the government is up to no good. And what of the dozen illegals stashed in the basement? I’d guess those homes are mighty protective of their secrets. It leads me to think there’s absolutely no possible way to reach any kind of accuracy within say, 5%, of what the real population is. No doubt the government understands this also. Here’s an example of the possible math:

Census taken for City X=100,000 individuals, adjust for people not home, on vacation, or lying (x.75) , compensate for people without an address (bums, homeless, truckers, astronauts) 100,000 / 5% + 100,000 x .75 + 100,000.

Either way, it’s definitely not a job I would find enriching. If you’re interested in being a Census Taker as a part-time job, here’s some more information.

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A U.S. Census taker approaches a home where the woman of the house opens her screen door. The Census taker seems battered and the woman seems ready

Inspiration: Inspired by the 2010 U.S. Census Takers, volunteerism, and getting beat up while doing your job.

Media: Number 2 Paintbrush and ink bottle

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