Catholic Priest Punishment

Catholic Priest Punishment

Catholic Priest Punishment

It seems now, for the first time in memory, the Catholic Church (The Pope)  is recognizing the oddly pathological behavior of religious men who wear dresses to work every day. It’s sad, but also true, that stereotypes start somewhere. What does ‘going postal’ mean to you?  Yep, angry post office workers. What images are conjured up when you think: Catholic priest and altar boy?

And here’s something I can almost guarantee. . . for every boy that steps forward there must be THOUSANDS who will remain silent, carrying their burdens for the rest of their lives, alone.

Shame on you, organized religion (Catholic Priests in particular).  I’m certainly not trying to vilify any one church, religion or group of people. But if the shoe fits…and when it happens to you, then you can come talk to me.

This cartoon is all I could bring myself to draw. It’s basically a pen sketch, no pencil or real forethought. The scales and perspectives are screwed up but I don’t really care. The quality is waaaay below I usually allow myself. But I think perhaps the crappy quality may support the crappy subject matter.

If I’ve brought you down, I apologize. I have HUNDREDS of other cartoons drawn for your enjoyment. Please feel free to peruse some of those.


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Inspiration: Inspired by bad memories I thought I’d buried for good, bad men who should be buried for good, and goodness buried too far down to be useful.

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