Airlines Erupt Over Iceland

Airlines Erupt over Iceland

Airlines Erupt Over Iceland Volcano

Is this Iceland Volcano unbelievable or what?!!!! Amazingly active volcano is spewing all over the continent, halting art traffic in all directions. And good thing too. If a jet were try to fly though an ash cloud, it would almost immediately plummet to the Earth. The fin volcanic ash is sucked into the massive engines, whose job it is to suck in absolutely as much air as possible. Once inside, the ash makes its way to the super-heated moving engine parts. Now that its heated, the volcanic ash turns into obsidian (remember checking this stuff out under a microscope in 8th grade Geology?). Obsidian is basically black glass, made from superheated volcanic ash. This reaction is similar to an atomic bomb turning sand to glass. Super intense heat does wild things on a material level. Anyway, you can’t fly in it.

If a jet loses forward thrust at any time, for the most part, it simply falls out of the sky like a brick. Most commercial jets have some capacity to glide, but awkwardly.  Most good pilots can land a plane safely after total engine failure as long as they’re cruising at around 35k feet and within 80 miles or so of an airport.

European Airlines are also now asking for governmental aid over the losses of air traffic to the tune of over $1,000,000,000 (One Billion Dollars!)_ Yikes, talk about a bailout.

And that doesn’t even count the farmers in the area whose crops are ruined, maybe for years to come! And lastly, this same volcano has erupted JUST LIKE THIS BEFORE.  Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano blew from December of 1821 to January 1983 (13 Month Long Eruption!!!). But luckily for them, airplanes weren’t even invented.

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A commercial jet is seen flying through the air near the eruption of the Iceland Volcano. People inside discuss their chances of survival.

Inspiration: Inspired by Iceland volcanic eruption, airline bailout and Iceland's destroyed farming

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