Recession Cartoon-Extreme Shopping Habits


Recession Cartoon-Extreme Shopping Habits

“Recession retailers may have unintentionally cemented extreme shopping habits.”

According to a new survey called “How America Shops”, it seems Americans need an average household income of $150,000 to shop, pay the bills and save. More than half American feel they can barely afford the basic necessities.

Since the major recession, retailers have employed various discounts, heavy bonus programs and sales to keep thier businesses afloat. Now that signs of the recession’s end are showing, retailers find shoppers will no longer pay full price for anything.  The survey states “about 75% of women say it’s important to get the lowest price on everything they buy (up 12% from 2008)”. Of that group, 68% use coupons regularly and almost HALF only buy sale items.

A couple of years of this shopping behavior may have cemented how shoppers shop. Now the problem seems to be retailers marking items up, only to discount them.

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Retailers struggle to satisfy shoppers after America's great recession. Shoppers only buy sale items.

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