Radioactive Smartphones in San Francisco

Radioactive iphone

Radioactive Smartphones in San Francisco

“Now all new smartphones come standard with radiation detection apps!”

New in the news today, San Francisco will soon make cellphone retailers display the radiation output levels of the devices. Yep, that debate which has existed since the invention of the portable telephone in rearing it’s ugly, carcinogenic head again. . . do cell phones cause brain cancer? Advocates say “YES” (of course they do) and cell phone and smartphone manufacturers say “NO” (of course they do).

The real skinny is that over the past 20 years of use, there is SOME information accumulated that “MAY” increase the “Potential RISK” of certain kinds of cancer. So the real question, is there ANYTHING that doesn’t cause cancer anymore?  Be perepared to see posters and brochures with what’s called a “Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)”.

But here’s something fun you may not know if you’re not at all technical: Almost any device with a magnet and a power source put out electromagnetic radiation. And there are many types of electromagnetic radiation including: microwaves, radio waves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultravoilet light, x-rays etc etc. So STAY INDOORS, don’t listen to the radio, don’t ever use a microwave oven, and unplug the phone …if you want to really be safe.

And lastly, you may be interested to know, a cell phone puts out more radiation and uses more battery power the weaker your signal strength is. Your phone has to work harder to make calls when you’re at the limit of your coverage area or having a weak signal.

More information at USAToday, here.

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A Best Buy employee demonstrates a new iphone app for detecting the phone's radiation level. He wears a radiation protection red suit.

Inspiration: Inspired by iphone madness, smartphone apps, radiation therapy, and wives tales.

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