Major League Baseball Still Endorses Chewing Tobacco Cartoon


Major League Baseball Still Endorses Chewing Tobacco Cartoon

First off, as a proud parent, let me say “YES, it’s always the Parent’s fault for the child’s actions”. That won’t make me alot of friends but it’s true. Kids aren’t BORN bad, they learn to be bad, do bad things, etc. Parents should take responsibility for how the kids grow up and what they’re influenced by. Having said that, it’s true MINOR LEAGUE baseball and the NCAA HAVE banned the during-game use of Chewing Tobacco.

Chewing tobacco is as bad as the smoking kind, fraught with a host of problems and cancers associated with sucking on a carcinogen for extended periods.

Thank GOD chewing tobacco tastes just about as appetizing as rusty anchor. Kids who try chewing tobacco at an early age are usually traumatized (the appropriate amount) into never touching the stuff again.

If you’re into more info on chewing tobacco and Baseball, here’s a MSNBC story on it.

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Cute daily cartoon showing a boy's baseball team suffering the effects of chewing tobacco. Mom the coach stands by with a suggestion.

Media: Drawn digitally in the Modbook using Photoshop

Time: Sketch: 20 minutes, Ink: 90 minutes, Color: 60 minutes

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