Lost Jack and Kate

Lost Cartoon Caricature

Lost Jack and Kate

Well “LOST” has only one more episode to go. I’ll be both sad it’s ending and relieved I may actually discover what’s been going on all this time. I’ll create a few more toons and caricatures for LOST in the next week. But here’s a sampling of some sketches and caricatures I’ve got in to-do- folder.

The above caricature is of Kate and Jack (Evangeline Lilly and Matthew Fox)

Lost Caricature Jack

Jack Caricature (Matthew Fox) : 60 second Marker sketch

Lost Caricature Locke

John Locke Caricature (Terry O’Quinn) : 120 second Marker Sketch

Lost Caricature Jin

Jin Kwon Caricature (Daniel Dae Kim) : 30 second Marker Sketch

More to come so stay tuned!!!!!!!!


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Caricatures and sketches of a few castmembers of TV's LOST. Some caricatures include Kate, Jack, Locke and more

Inspiration: Inspired by LOST going off the air and caricature practice

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