Do Your Own Taxes at Home

Taxes at Home

Do your own taxes at home!

Oh this is many people’s worst nightmare, but it seems more and more Americans are doing taxes from the kitchen table or their personal computers. I’ve done a few other Tax cartoons, but those centered around the agony of taxes. It almost seems to fall in line with that old adage which roughly states, (in court) “He who represents himself has a fool for a client”. I can’t help but imagine that’s the case here, with taxes.

Once upon a time, maybe in the 1950’s, Mom and Dad could easily fill out a maximum of one form and 2 or 3  supplements, all walked through by the 10 page workbook with relative confidence and ease. But since then the tax laws get longer, tougher and more complex year by year. How can the IRS expect ANY individual or family to correctly complete their tax forms, let alone blindly pay the resulting thousands of dollars with a single swift check on or before April 15th!

It seems the government has forced us to pay taxes . . .ok . . . but they also force us to pay additionally for professional tax help. hArdl seems fair. Although they provide tax credit when you get help to file.

As an artist for hire, I’ve had complicated tax issues since I was 17 years old. Work-for-hire, 1099, w2, w4, estimated tax, deductible; all words that keep me up at night. And don’t forget the past years I’m still trying to pay off, with interest still compounding daily. And then some bozo suggests I NOT pay anything because the IRS is unconstitutional.  Well we know what happens to those folks eventually.

Bottom line. . . there really is nothing certain in this world except death and taxes. And you may not be getting the MAXIMUM refund, but fill out the form anyway, even if it’s at your kitchen table with a calculator (home filing), you’ll thank me later.

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