ART Snobs- Cartoonists Are Not Artists


ART Snobs- Cartoonists Are Not Artists

It depends on who you ask, you’ll get a different answer: Do artists stick together? Yes, and No.

Years ago, I was chapter head of the local Graphic Artist’s Guild (GAD). GAD helped institute standars that I eventually realized was essentially ‘price fixing’. The Guild (if you were a member) had legal forms, outlined procedures (very helpful) and suggested prices for art services. The idea was to get every artist in the region to join, so artists were actually PAID what they were worth, not what they could haggle for.

Enter the Guild’s ARTISTS. They were disorganized, undependable, and shockingly competitive and snobbish. Sadly, and not surprisingly, the group disbanded. So, in my experience, do artists stick together… NO. I’ve never met another artist, in person, who didn’t have a secret agenda against me. Maybe it’s just the cocaine talking.

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Inspiration: A cartoonist is kicked out of a Painting lovers art group for being a cartoonist and not a fine art snob.

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