Artist Drawing Board Meh Cartoon


Artist Drawing Board Meh Cartoon

My most frequently asked question is, “Where do you come up with your ideas?”

My answer is usually anywhere-and-everywhere. The world around me is endless inspiration for ideas. Simply drawing anything and everything is easy. The challenge is creating something that people like to see, engages them, makes them feel an emotion, or begs them to ask a serious question. After posting every single day, without failure, for over 3 years, it becomes harder and harder to self-motivate.

If you’re an artist, or have ever dealt with artists, you know what I’m talking about. It’s easy for a group of bosses, peers, or executives to point a finger at an artist and ask for an idea to be drawn based on their collective input. But when you’re SOLO, all you have is yourself. Some days are just easier than others. And other days are damn near impossible.

So I’m showing behind the curtain. This is a perfect example of a 5-10 minute sketch, to be filed for future fixing. In this case, the sketch is the art.

Today, the artist sits at his drawing board saying “Meh”. It’s this genreration’s catchall interjected word for boredom. Below are aeveral Artist drawing board sketches in various colors for use as computer wallpaper.





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The artist at his drawing board, doesn't have enough energy to draw. He says, " Meh."

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