Tvs Fringe Cast Caricature Cartoon


Tvs Fringe Cast Caricature Cartoon

Fan of Fringe on Fox? I had some free time on my hands and doodled up this Mad-esque scene for the Fringe Cast to play in. Share and enjoy!

In this cast caricature, from left to right are:

Lance Reddick Caricature–Agent Phillip Broyles

John Noble Caricature- Dr. Walter Bishop

Anna Torv Caricature–Olivia Dunham

Jasika Nicole Caricature-Astrid Farnsworth

Joshua Jackson Caricature–Peter Bishop

Fringe Cast Caricature Closeup


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Inspiration: Cartoon caricature of Fox TV's cast of FRINGE. Fringe is a sci-fi, paranormal show in a fantasy present day Boston.

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