Super User programmer Cartoons Sketch

super user model sketch2

Super User to the Rescue!

A couple more sketches of a cartoon project I’m formulating. This will keep you in the loop, without giving too much away. Anyways, this little dude is the greatest Computer Programmer the world never heard about. More to come on Superuser and his sidekick!

super user model sketch

And this is a model sheet. It’s what helps organized artist-types STAY organized. With completed model sheets, your character has a consistent look in any position, and doesn’t change drastically over time. And of course, the model sheet phase of creating a character is the most important to me. This phase is where all his character comes out. Once I get a couple dozen sheets of poses and expressions done, I’ll feel confident I know who this little guy is.

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Illustrate the beginning and most important phase of cartoon character development, utilizing home made model sheets.

Inspiration: Inspired my the geek in me, and thing I wish I knew about computers.

Media: Pencil on Paper

Time: 60 Minutes

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