Scary things Under the Bed

Something under the

Scary things Under the Bed

Today’s post is based on a book I’d started writing but never finished. It was to be fully illustrated and fun, but valuable information for my children. Dads sometimes have a difficult time conveying thoughtful life lessons when the time is really right, so I began writing a book so I wouldn’t forget any. It would eventually be a survival manual of sorts and a gift to my kids on Father’s day, which is why I’m remembering it now. I think the Father’s day tradition should be reversed. I think Father’s day, the one day of the year when kids around the world actually present Dads with their tokens of respect, should be the perfect day for Dads to impart valuable information to an attentive audience. I dunno, maybe it’s just me.

The gist of the ‘book’s’ entry would go something like this, with the above illustration:

MONSTERS under the Bed

“No matter what you imagine, there are no monsters under your bed. But even as adults, we frighten ourselves by scary things we can’t see or name. No matter what your age, we all have a monster or two lurking in the shadows, ready to take advantage of bad moods or low times in our lives. The best thing to do is grab a flashlight, take a big breath, and confront those monsters. And this next part is important: Not everyone can do this alone; and it’s OK to ask for help. Asking for help is one more step closer to finishing the job. The earlier you learn to confront your demons, the better. Adults have the monsters too, but with experience, determination, and luck, we’ve turned on the lights before they get a chance to find a comfy spot next to the dust bunnies.”

By the way, any book publishers out there wanting to put me under contract and advance me to finish this book, please drop me a line.

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A conceptual painting of an adult figure hiding under the covers in a darkened bedroom. Monsters under his bed are scaring him. Except from a Book.

Inspiration: Inspired by Father's day, wonderful messages to our children, and an old book idea never finished.

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