President Obama Fires General McChrystal Cartoon

President Fires General Mcchrystal

The closed-door meeting where President Obama fires General Stanley McChrystal over statements in a Rolling Stone interview.

Loose lips sink ships is a phrase ingrained into the hearts and minds of every Navy man, and a phrase everyone has heard. Too Bad McChrystal is all ARMY. Stanley McChrystal WAS Obama’s TOP Man – Field Commander of all of Afghanistan and he not only stepped in it, but broke it off. He said some rather disparaging remarks about his boss, the President and the White House (but who hasn’t complained about their boss). But the difference between your boss thoughts and McChrystal’s – You generally keep your thoughts in your head.

Read the whole original Rolling Stone article here:

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Inspiration: Inspired by loose lips, military foul-ups, and a big SNAFU

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