Old Time Saloon Cheers Intro

Bar Collage72

From the TV Show ‘Cheers’, an Old Time Saloon.

And NOW for something completely different!

While surfing the net for interesting photos and ideas, I fell over this black and white original photograph of a Saloon in Craigville, Minnesota, circa 1937. I recognized almost immediately that it was colorized and used in the opening sequence to the TV Show ‘Cheers’. I thought it would be fun to add my own spin on it buy drawing and coloring new patrons. It was kinda fun, and I hope you find it interesting.


Bar Collage_nonaged2

And here’s the origianl black and white version, without a top layer of sepia-tone wash.

Bar Collage_nonaged2

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A black and white photograph from the 30's was used as a backdrop for an updated cartoon scene. The funny cartoon people are interacting with the photographic people.

Inspiration: Inspired by a neat black and white photo I saw, reminding be of CHEERS.

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