Kids Imagination Adventure-Classic Books


Kids Imagination Adventure-Classic Books

How did you feel about classic adventure fantasy books when you were a child? So your kids feel the same way? With the inundation and immersion of digital media, tv, and video games, kids today may not have even heard of the titles on this cartoon crossroads.

For me, the classics were approved, readily available, and doorways to imagination. Inspired by the classics I wrote my first short story (200 handwritten pages) at age 9, called The Great Peanut Butter and Jelly Escape. The self-illustrated ‘book’ cover was also my first. This is a peek into how it all started.

This illustration is 100% digital. It started as a sketch on the Modbook tablet. It sat as a sketch for awhile. Stuck for further ideas, I went back to the sketch and doodled a bit more. I wouldn’t call this 100% done, but when is anything?

For the visually Impaired, the books shown are (See haw many you can name on your own):

A Tale of Two Cities

Gulliver’s Travels

Arabian Nights

Peter Pan

King Solomon’s Mines


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

The Wizard of Oz

Wuthering Heights

The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland

Treasure Island

Sherlock Holmes

Journey to the Center of the Earth

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Inspiration: A cartoon illustration featuring a child at a crossroads of classic fiction. The boy is ready for an imagination adventure.

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