Gulf Coast Oil Spill Disaster Claims Another Life

rookie family oil disaster

Kruse Family Mourns Father

Not all my cartoon a day illustrations are funny or are meant to be. Sadly, today’s message is a tragic one. Buried on page 3 or so of the newspaper is another sad chapter to the Gulf Coast oil spill disaster. Captain Allen Kruse committed suicide Wednesday after wanting to escape what he called the ‘madness of the whole thing’. He was deeply upset and worried  over the cleaup paperwork and delays in the Gulf Coast where he was a chart boat Captain and part of the cleanup effort.  Allen Kruse left behind a Wife, a daughter and two sons. As a family man myself, I can’t comprehend the depth of his confusion and sorrow which would compel him to end his life.
Though my post is sad, sadder yet are the survivors of his family. Perhaps you can take a moment and hug the ones you love extra long today.
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Illustration of the Kruse family waist deep in the Gulf Coast. The surrounding area is covered in oil and a lifesaver floats nearby.

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