Anne Hathaway and James Franco Oscars Caricatures


Anne Hathaway and James Franco Oscars Caricatures

The 83rd Academy Awards are on TV tonight, and Anne Hathaway and James Franco are hosting this year. James Franco is know for his multi-tasking, and Anne Hathaway is know for break-out roles, so together it may be a fun night. The James Franco Caricature hints of his role in 127 hours, for which he’s nominated for Actor in a Leading Role. Caricatures are not really my forte, so Anne, James, I apologize.

Single Anne Hathaway Oscars Caricature


Single James Franco Oscars Caricature


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A caricature of 83rd Oscars Hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco. James Franco is playing multiple roles with help of Anne Hathaway.

Inspiration: Inspired by the Oscars Academy Awards, and its' co-hosts Hathaway and Franco.

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