Anchor Babies Definition

anchor babies cartoon

Anchor Babies Definition

(ank-er ba-beez) N. Mythological

1. Ocean-dwelling water sprites who play with and gather around lowered ships’ anchors.
2. Children born to illegal immigrants while temporarily residing in the U.S. as a loophole means of establishing permanent citizenship.

You may or may not have heard the term ‘anchor babies’ before, but it’s gaining popularity among the politicians who need a new and fancy made-up buzzword. This stupid term is used to categorize and describe children born in the U.S. to illegal aliens for the sole purpose of “anchoring” them inside the United States. I heard this term and simultaneously chuckled and died a little inside.

There’s even a lot of anger and outrage over the TERM ‘Anchor Babies’. Good Grief.  Folks are up in arms over ‘anchor babies’, ‘illegals’, ‘illegal alien’…and more.

But the term ‘anchor babies’ may blow over since it comes from the precarious political portmanteau pinheads that brought us other ridiculous phrases such as: WMD, Obamanation, Obamachine, Staycation, Daycation, Oilcane, Bluecifer, Sexsomnia, Sexting, Supertaskers, Wominnovation, The Car-puccino, Avatards, Holidating, Heavage, (man my spellchecker hates me right now) Twillionaire, fangst, Mentertainers, Bumpaholics, Pawsengers, Smartphoniacs, Obitutainment, Momshell, Funemployed, He-cession, Twitchhiking, Manscaping, Bangover, and Americation.

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A funny cartoon describing underwater anchor babies. They swim near anchors and seem happy and funny.

Inspiration: Inspired by the ridiculous portmantetaus politicians perambulate

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