Teen Texting is Terrifying

teen texting accident

Teens are still Texting, Knowing the Danger of Distracted Driving

Not surprisingly, a recent surver by AAA and Seventeen Magazine says 9 out of 10 teens are still engaging in distrascted driving (talking on cell phone or texting) while driving, even when  they KNOW it significantly increases their chances of crashing. A Teen’s first real responsibility is driving, and this particular generation has grown up with a cellphone in their mouth. Reports of a teen-online survey show 84% are aware that distracted driving increases crashing risk; but 86% still engage in the distractions.
Distractetd driving can be: Texting, talking on phones, eating, driving with multiple passengers, adjusting radios and application of makeup.

Almost 6000 highway deaths each year are the result of distracted driving.  The good news, 11 states this year enacted bans on texting while driving. It seems everyone is getting the message about disctracted driving, except the teens who do it.

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Cartoon shows a teen in a car crash as a result of distracted driving. Firemen are trying to help him from a burning car.

Inspiration: Inspired by my love for young peeps and well being of everyone on the road.

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