Technology Killed Cursive Handwriting


Technology Killed Cursive Handwriting

“Because the School Board has decided to stop teaching cursive, you have no idea what this says.”

With the advent of keyboards, phones with keypads, iphones and ipads, kids today rarely have any reason to use cursive handwriting. The topic is widely debated, but the state of Indiana has chosen to join the ever expanding number of states who have remove cursive handwriting from itsĀ curriculum.

Cursive and handwriting in general is considered an instrument of the past, while keyboarding is where it’s at. keyboarding will be required in school while cursive is dropped altogether. Some of my earliest childhood memories consist of meticulous cursive practice while observed by hovering nuns.

And although it’s the First thing I imagine when drawing a classroom cartoon, classrooms no longer use chalk or chalkboards.

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Inspiration: Daily cartoon of kids in school and teacher at chalkboard. The topic of learning is handwriting on the wall.

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