Starbucks Paper Cup Problem

starbucks landfill problem

Starbucks has a Paper Cup and Recycling Problem

YEah, we all love a good cup of coffee. And yes, Starbucks brews a pretty decent, consistent cup of Joe. But did you know that out of the 200 BILLION paper cups that end up in Landfills every year, Starbucks contributes a whopping 3 BILLION? I go every morning to Starbucks or their equivalent to ponder and produce my cartoons; so I know what I’m talking about. But consider all the paper production, let alone waste if you do as I do, and bring your own mug. They also sell a wide variety of insulated travel mugs colored and designed for nearly anyone. Pick one up and do your part.

Read the Whole Story Here.

And for the art folks out there, I include the hand-drawn CUSTOM Photoshop Brush I used to save myself an additional hour of drawing.

starbucks brush photoshop

Starbucks Lanndfill Brush
Settings: Size Jitter: Pen Pressure, Angle Jitter 50: Pen pressure

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Two cartoon men sit on a porch in rocking chairs talking. One man adds to a growing pile of old paper coffee cups while talking.

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