Starbucks Drivethru Prices Cartoon


Starbucks Drivethru Prices Cartoon

This cartoon about Starbucks Drive Thru, for me, is to illustrate some frustration. How can this mundane, ordinary, pedestrian information become the Top News story of the day? It is immediately obvious to anyone who sees the new signs why Starbucks chose to remove some items. Now it’s news because everyone thinks it’s some enormous corporate conspiracy, that Starbucks has chose to remove some of the cheapest items on the outdoor, drive thru menu. Anyway, here’s the cartoon, which I think is more interesting than the story.

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4 office Workers carpooling to work, stop at Starbucks drivethru. They complain about the Starbucks Prices and tactics.

Inspiration: Inspired by an extremely slow news day, Starbucks coffee in the morning, and much ado about nothing.

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