Ominous Mansion Scene

ominous scene-598

Ominous Mansion Scene

After quite a few hours of tedious detail ( that’s the fun part) I’ve finally ‘finished’ ( reached a stopping point) on my Ominous scene.I have no idea where the concept started, or why I populated the room with the elements that I did. I’m certainly not a big game hunter, nor wealthy. . . But I imagine the person who lives here has ¬†refined tastes and is well traveled. The original photoshop file is well over a Gig and is about 40″ wide. I also plan to animate parts of it so stay tuned.

ominous scene-printfinal-598left

ominous scene-printfinal-598right

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Inspiration: Inspired by live and the joy of details

Media: Photoshop, Cintiq

Time: About 40 Hours

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