New Superbugs Are Immune to Drugs


Super Bacteria and Viruses are Immune to Modern Antibiotics

I would expect that, if you get a cold or flu every winter, you’ll certainly get one this winter, and it may be more nasty than usual. It seems the new breed of viruses are immune to EVERY modern antibiotic. These nasty viruses are cropping up in major city hospitals (20 States so far), and are spreading. The viruses reportedly strike critically ill patients, and kill them 30%-60% of the time.

These new Super-bugs have genes that actively seek and disable or destroy the antibiotics we use to kill them.  Everything I read on the subject gets worse, not better, so keep your fingers crossed.


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A cartoon virus is very strong and nasty looking. He is large, ugly, and has tranquilizer darts sticking out of him. He is immune to antibiotics.

Inspiration: Inspired by scary news from USA Today about super viruses and the upcoming cold and flu season.

Time: 20 minutes

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