Chuck Versus the Portrait

Chuck Cartoon

Chuck Versus the Portrait

Ever watch the TV Show “Chuck”? A visitor to the site asked for this portrait of the tv star Zachary Levi Caricature (Secret Agent Chuck Bartowski). He started the show real nerdy and I did a few pencils of that. But since the show started he’s filled out a bit, prolly due to Producer pressure or the rigors of the job. Anyhow, here you are.

This illustration is a caricature and a portrait, but really more realistic than a caricature ought to be. But that’s the magic of cartooning…it doesn’t matter.

Drew it up in Adobe Illustrator and added a tiny detail in Photoshop. Total time about 40 Minutes.

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Caricature Portrait of TV Star Zarchary Levi. He portrays Chuck Bartowski, secret agent. Chuck caricature

Inspiration: Inspired by a visitor assignment to draw a portrait caricature of Chuck Bartowski.

Process: Sraight Adobe Illustrator with Wacom Cintiq and Photoshop filter for finish.

Time: 40 Min

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