Chicken Poop Cures Climate Woes

Chicken Poop Cures Climate Woes

“It turns out the Poop is worth more than the Chicken!”

Chicken Manure Can Stop Climate Change

Oh wow have you heard about this? Chicken poop may be the next big step in reducing emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It turns out, a poultry farm in West Virginia is experimenting with a process that produces a by product called Biochar which can be sold to farmers as a high-quality organic fertilizer. This Biochar fertilizer contains carbon which stays in the soil up to 100 times longer than other materials. Everyone knows charcoal is sort of a universal filter for contaminants, gases and poisons.

Anyhow, pretty neat stuff, seeing how 80,000 chickens on a single farm can produce as much as 600 TONS of manure (poop) annually. Could it be we breed chickens for their poop instead of their tasty wings? Enjoy the cartoon!

Read the full story in USA Today Here. Artist Julie Snider did an awesome illustration for the article.

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Describes how chicken poop or chicken manure can be used to help cure climate woes through processing and addition to fertilizer.

Inspiration: Chicken poop, Climate change, and our environment

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