Farmville Cityville Cartoon


Invites you to play Cityville!

Slow news day today so I sketched this up from my bag of overused ideas. A different take on Farmville, the Facebook game rage. I’ve never played, but it sounds self-explanatory.

For some reason, I tend to draw alot of chickens…must be some psychological damage there! I have no idea, other than as a young boy, visiting the inside of a working chicken coop was a bit traumatic. If you’ve never been inside a chicken coop, save yourself the pain; it’s disgustingly dirty, crowded, claustrophobic and worse. If I were a chicken, I’d be a Rooster playing Cityville also.

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Inside a chicken coop, a Rooster is seen on his computer playing a game called Cityville. The cartoon is in color and seen from the inside.

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