Cartoon Home Interior Sunbeam


Cartoon Home Interior Sunbeam

Today’s cartoon is one of my childhood. One of the most important tools an artist has (if not THE MOST IMPORTANT tool) is his/her memory. We can’t always have reference in front of us to draw from, so we must use our memory. A sharp and vast mental library of images you can call upon is vital to making any illustration grounded and believable. In this case, I closed my eyes and wandered through memories of early childhood, seeking places I remembered quiet calmness. This image of a corner of my home popped to mind, as the afternoon sun would drift in through the western windows during lazy summer afternoons. I remember quite often settling down in this spot to read a book, or more commonly, a volume of our encyclopedia. I eventually read our entire Encyclopedia Britannia this way. This is a corner of the house as I remember it.

Some details included: Mail on the floor through the mail slot; Staircase and bannister,which I often slid down; homemade curtains; family photos on the wall; porch swing outside the window; sunbeam streaming through window; giant wooden spoon and fork. My sketch has a heater register on the floor ( metal grate which served as an air return for the massive boiler in the basement) but it detracted from the final art so I removed it.

The boy added below, was an afterthought.



Here’s the cartoon home interior, shifted towards the blue spectrum:



EDIT: Someone asked about the giant spoon and fork on the wall. Yes, those were real. They were a gift from some Aunt or Uncle who visited a tropical island while on vacation and was talked into buying the tourist junk. I found an image of them, well after I drew this.

giant wooden spioon and fork

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