Bryant’s Rules of Creativity


Bryant’s Rules of Creativity

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I wrote this the other day while doodling, off the top of my head. These are creative rules I try to live by, as I see the process. I thought it may be helpful for you as well. Enjoy.

Wake up every day with a new idea.

Ask more from yourself than anyone else does.

Just draw. Anything.

Grow with practice. Repetition teaches excellence.

Use internet content as fuel, not inspiration.

See everything as it is, or can be; not the way you think it is.


Take a breath. Listen to the world. Then draw.

Photograph the world with your mind, then draw from it.

Mix your paints on the canvas, not the palette.

Draw with your non-dominant hand.

If you don’t love it, you’re doing it wrong.

You should like your art as you’re creating it . . . a week later . . . and next year. That’s what makes the difference.

Never throw your sketches away.

Take risks. Make mistakes. You don’t learn from always doing it correctly.

If someone wants to learn from you-good. You haven’t learned art until you’ve taught it.

The art should stand on it’s own. Make it defend itself when you’re not around.

Seek out new experience. This is especially important the older you get.

Learn to file. Great ideas are useless when misplaced.

Discovery is easier than invention. Invent.

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A rendered sketch of Bryant Arnold's Rules of Creativity.

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