Blackberry Ban in India

blackberries illegal in india

Illegal Phones in India – Corporate Espionage to Begin

“India may ban millions of Blackberries from use this week due to security issues…”

Yep, it’s true. The problem is not a security hole in the Blackberry phone device or it’s software. The PROBLEM is it’s actually too secure for the Indian Government. India Government Leaders and officials want to be able to hack into anyone’s email at any time.  Blackberries are so hackproof, India planned to ban the device from operation in the country…since they couldn’t control who wrote what email. to whom. So, Reasearch In Motion, the Canadian manufacturer of Blackberry, is working to install a special server in India, allowing the Indian Government Hack access…

Think about this post next time you wonder if we have too much or too little freedom in this country.

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A funny cartoon with a young man being stopped by Indian Police. He has an illegal Blackberry In his hand.

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