Back to School Bullies Cartoon- Don’t be a Bully


Back to School Bullies Cartoon- Don’t be a Bully

School Bullies- And the Trickle-Down Theory. Are you, or someone you know, stuck in this cycle? School Bullies are made, not born, and it’s up to you to stop the bully in yourself. If you’re getting bullied at school, make sure you tell a teacher, counselor or principal as soon as you can.

Today’s cartoon about School Bullies indicates a Bully is made, not born, necessarily. A bully can be created by many stressors both external (Parents, friends, tv) and internal ( diet, hormones, stress). If you’re a kid experiencing a bully at school, don’t try to handle the situation by yourself.  a ‘friend’ of mine did just that and regrets it to this very day.

In my day, bullies were everywhere, at least a couple in every grade. There was no such thing as “Zero Tolerance”, “Hate crimes” or the like. Corporal punishment was even encouraged at my school, and kids took thier frustrations out on other kids. Back then if you took your concerns about a bully to a teacher or parent, the advice was either A) Ignore them and they’ll go away of B) carry a brick in our book bag and hit him with it.  BOTH versions of the advice were horrible and useless.

The only way to deal with bullies is head on, by a parent or teacher or both. There are always reasons a bully hurts people, and one simply needs to find the source of the bad attitude. But leave that to the adults. Talk to your teacher.

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Inspiration: A cartoon about school bullies, illustrating a possible cause of a bully and his behavior. Get help if you're bullied at school.

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