Apple Kills Development

iDo Apple Crushes Developers

Apple Computer Tells Developers to Take a Hike

I’ve been sitting on this cartoon idea for a few days and wasn’t sure if I got the message just right. As it is, I think there is too much verbiage for your average reader. But if you can get through what’s nearly a paragraph of exposition, you may be rewarded.

It turns out I’m a Huge Apple user (as opposed to a Huge Apple FAN). In the early years I was indeed, a Fan of Apple Computer and it’s cute little computing products. I’ve owned nearly every single commercial Macintosh at one point (at least one main model from each significant line) since the company was born. And yup, I even had a Newton (Apple’s pen-based palm computer).  I say I was a Fan early on because as a designer and artist, the MAC just WORKED the same way my brain worked. I needed only a day  of self-teaching the newest operating system, and the everything else-the applications and utilities- just worked as I imagined them. I also had access early on to Macs in the design world, where they reigned supreme over every other computing platform.

But they were expensive. They were conversely expensive for the small target market of Apple’s core customers because Artists rarely had any money in the first place. So we sold our kidneys, our blood, sweat and tears to get our ink-stained hands on a beige (putty) colored hunk of plastic and microchips that could, after endless hours of practice, be TAUGHT how to draw something in a few hours that would normally take us only a few minutes.

Well, it was progress.

But as I said, expensive. Until they “Sent in the Clones!” Yeah I bought an Apple clone when Apple released it’s closed architecture to other developers. it was the coolest move I ever heard of, and immediately my support for Apple Grew. Apple let other folks ( like PowerComputing-off the top of my head) make tower clones that did the same job or better, at a much much cheaper price. Everything was AWESOME.

Until Apple revoked the license.

Well I’m not entirely sure how this went down. It was a long time ago, but either Apple pulled the plug, or developed a superior architecture parallel to the older chips until it shut them out of competition. However it happened the message was the same. Apple can’t compete against other hardware manufacturers, when the chips are really down. Apple really pissed me off way back them, and not again until just now.

And now about today’s post.

If you’re a developer/programmer/artist for products used in Apple’s architecture, you’ve basically been given the middle finger by Apple. Many of the geniuses out there writing programs for Apple’s iphone and ipad do so in their own environment on their own equipment with a setup they’re comfortable with. Apple said no, you have to buy a shiny new Mac and develop on it for Apple products.  HOLEE_SH**&^%T!

Here’s the scenario: You’re a painter and your employer or teacher won’t buy your paintings unless you’ve used a Windsor-Newton brand brush and canvas. OR you’re a musician but record companies won’t sign you unless you learn to use an 8-track tape for your demo reels OR The Government won’t allow you to be a parent unless everything you touch says “Gerber” on it. Well you get the picture.

I usually let my cartoon speak for me and please forgive the rant. But it’s off my chest now.

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Inspiration: Inspired by Apple's recent decision to put the hurt on developers.

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