Apple Ipad sells 300,000 First Day

ipad sells 300k

Apple Ipad sells 300,000 First Day

Wow, that must be some kind of record for a digital device with a $600 price point. Crazy that so many folks want a device that is pretty much a content consuming machine. A buddy of mine asked me what the difference between an Apple Ipad and an Apple MacBook was. I’m a long-time user and fan of Apple and have been using them since the Classic and LC days in the 80’s. I explained to him that the easiest explanation was this: The iPad is great for CONSUMING digitized content (web, scanned books, comics, news, media) not CREATING Content.

Creating content is what I doe every waking hour (almost) of every day. I would never dream of walking out of the house without my MacBook Pro strapped to my shoulder. I also would never dream of trying to create illustrations, paintings, edit photos, or even write an email with the ipad.

I was really disappointed in Apple when I heard news of the iPad. After reading the specs I understood it was just a larger version of the iPhone, but couldn’t make calls. No camera either. What I was hoping for (and the rest of Apple’s tried and true loyalist community of artists) was a pen-based tablet Mac. A tablet that artists could walk out of the house feeling confident they could sketch, paint, snap a reference picture and CREATE content for any media our hearts desired. But alas, we are still denied.

Modbook has the right idea though. If you don’t mind basically DOUBLING the cost of an already pricy MacBook, they will dismantle your brand new MacBook, remove the lcd screen, and glue on another one- this time pressure sensitive. The camera is moved but kept embedded in the bezel. It’s got all the ports and include a pop-out pen. It’s still missing the express keys I need to instantly modify my brush and pen strokes. Until that minor change happens. I’ll stick with the bluetooth portable Wacom, or my Pressure sensitive screen Wacom Cintique.

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Outside Apple Corporation, happy people are dancing in the streets. The hug and prance with the new Apple iPad.

Inspiration: Apple Ipad, First day sales, and disappointment

Media: Wacom Cintique

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