America’s Obsession With Eating Contests


America’s Obsession With Eating Contests

“At least I won the HOT DOG EATING contest, right?”

YEah, I’ll admit I’ve watch Man Vs. Food on Tv, and glanced at the occasional hot dog eating contest…but I always ask myself “Why” and switch off the Tv.

The History Channel last night had a special on How it’s Made : Rice- Everything you wanted to know. HC stated that if everyone in the world ate as much as the average American, the Earth would run out of food in a year.

Also, 90% of the World’s RICE is grown in China. Of the rice American’s eat, 25% of it is grown in Arkansas. Of the Japanese ’sushi’ rice, most of it is grown in Southern California.

So…most of the world eats rice as their main diet staple. I shudder to wonder what other countries think of America when they see challenges where you try to stuff as many hot dogs in your body in the shortest amount of time. And every major city has a dozen restaurants with an UN-Eatable single person food challenge. A portion of something that could feed 20 people for one person.

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