Westminster Best In Show Winner

Best in Show Kennel Club

“My human WON ‘Best In Show’ “

It’s time again for the World Famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at New York’s Madison Square Garden. As you may know the event is the annual culmination of the human / dog sport and their crowning achievement. But what must the dogs think of all this? While watching / listening out of the corner of my eye I heard 2 thousand handlers and owners bring in 1,000 dogs for the 2-day event. It happens every year on February 15-16. Today’s post is the morning of the final show day. If you’re still Lost watching LOST, had enough of the Winter Olympics or your Tivo is played out, give it a look see.

Dog show cartoon, Poodle cartoon, cute dog cartoon

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Lets hope this year the dog is small enough to fit in the bowl (awwwww, cute). Best in Show!

Inspiration: Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, Best in Show and silly but expensive things to do with your mutt

Time: Pen : 15 Minutes, Color : 15 Minutes Posting: 300 Minutes (haha)

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