Total Female Cosmetic Surgeries in 2011 Cartoon


Total Female Cosmetic Surgeries in 2011 Cartoon

Some interesting statistics have been released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Here’s a sampling of a few of the over 12 MILLION cosmetic surgeries women elected/needed.

upper arm lift: 14,683

forehead lift: 41,805

eyelid surgery: 167, 649

botox 5, 307,770

cheek implants: 8,657

rhinoplasty: 181,662

lip augmentation: 24,335

facelift: 107,812

breast augmentation: 307,180

tummy tuck: 111,091

liposuction: 181,543

laser vein treatment: 205,505

buttock lift/impants 5,215

calf augmentation: 178

lower body lift: 6,921

laser hair removal: 893,035

hair transplant: 4,687

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Cartoon infographic about female cosmetic surgery statistics. A pretty woman plays on the beach.

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