The Science of Napping


The Science of Napping

Apparently there are a lot of sleep studies out there. And the big brains in the white coats believe thy’ve cracked the code for how long a nap to take. Check out the results.

10 to 15 Minute Nap: A power nap of 20 minutes boosts energy, alertness and is refreshing. You do not enter REM sleep.

Half Hour Nap: Can cause a sleep hangover feeling. you’re still groggy 30 minutes after waking up. feeling rested kicks in later.

Hour Nap: Great for improving memory. You sleep very deeply but encounter grogginess upon waking.

Hour and a Half Nap: Includes the full sleep cycle and REM sleep. Boosts procedural memory ( motor skills and reading ) as well as creativity. It’s easier to wake after this nap, feeling refreshed and ready.

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